20220513 Daniel Winney——Phenomenology towards an exotic spectroscopy program at future Electron-Ion colliders

报告题目:Phenomenology towards an exotic spectroscopy program at future Electron-Ion colliders


报告人:Dr. Daniel Winney (华南师范大学)


报告时间:2022513 上午10:00





The next generation of electron-hadron colliders both in the United States and here in China promise to usher in a new era of understanding the dynamics of QCD inside the nucleon. The initial design specifications for center-of-mass energies and luminosities potentially allow a dedicated spectroscopy program in the heavy-quark sector in photo- and electro-production. Photoproduction processes have played a key role in the hadron spectroscopy in the light-sector and such a program can help illuminate the rich spectrum of exotic quarkonium-like states which currently lie outside the energy reach of existing facilities. I will review relevant aspects of photoproduction and exotic hadron phenomenology and discuss both recent and ongoing work to motivate spectroscopy at an electron-ion collider. This includes estimating predictions for cross-sections in exclusive and semi-inclusive production of the main XYZ states as well as the development of software for event-generation and simulation.



Daniel completed his PhD in July of 2021 at Indiana University under Professor Adam Szczepaniak and working with the Joint Physics Analysis Center (JPAC). His research has focused thus far on the application of scattering theory (i.e. S-matrix theory, dispersion relations, Regge phenomenology, etc) to processes of interest to understand the hadron spectrum. Along with JPAC, Daniel works closely with experimentalists to develop accessible and expandable tools to be used with existing analysis frameworks.